Welcome to The Dirigo Group

Dirigo Group is a real estate investment and management company. We participate in three core areas of real estate investment. We invest in and refurbish single family properties for resale and return on investment, long term investment in rental properties, and the development of residential/commercial properties. We also offer experienced property management services.

Dirigo Group is a “hands on” company allowing us to maximize operating efficiencies. We are knowledgeable and opportunistic in identifying value. We focus on communities experiencing economic growth with quality school systems. We offer short term to long term investment alternatives for those seeking diversity within their investment portfolios. Our team has a proven track record with over a decade of successful real estate investments.

Contact us with any inquiries and we will be more than happy to help.

Our Focus

  Renovate Houses
We specialize in Investing with the focus of rehabilitating properties for maximum return of investment..

  Residential Development
We focus on working within communities experiencing economic growth with quality school systems. Our short and long term investment plans are for clients seeking investment diversity.

  Housing/Property Mgmt.
We are experienced in Property Management Services for our investors to provide a "hands on" approach to maximize operating effecencies.